Semi Weekly Update – burning books, beer, sebastian bach’s house, bobcats, treadmill

Sebastian Bach at the Moondance Jam on July 11...

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The past couple of weeks were spent camping at arrow lake with a lot of beer. We heard that there was a bobcat prowling around our camp spot. I thought that was pretty cool. We also saw a lot of crazy critters like bald eagles, muskrats, hawks, snakes, mosquitoes and stuff like. A beaver smacked his tail at us. Seriously. That kind of shit makes canoeing fun. A lot of time was spent sitting around the campfire.

We learned that Jack Layton died and the singer from 80s band Warrant also died. Sebastian Bach’s house was flooded in Hurricane Irene along with a bunch of rare KISS and Skid Row stuff.

I read some shitty book about INXS and did some maintenance to my truck. I read some other shitty book too, and burnt it in the campfire when I was done.

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