cat in aquarium

This cat doesn’t seem to have very good depth perception. I swear, most cats could have nailed this jump. Maybe it was the red chair that threw it off. Maybe it was the white socks with dark slippers. I don’t know what the problem was here. Either way, I bet that cat was pissed as hell after he got rescued out of the aquarium. Crazy b*st*d.



Ok, anyhow…back to the craziest videos on the Internet.

Here’s a good one with Cheech and Chong live on Tom Green Show:

Chong Presents Tom Green with Joint:

Our friend Stephen is back in the Greatest Freakout Ever 29. Apparently, he isn’t too thrilled about going to visit his uncle Phil for a few weeks. but, hey, admit it. If you had an uncle named Phil, you probably wouldn’t want to go visit him either.

In a repeat of the classic prank from 2011, the Blind Man is back once again taking a crap on a toilet at Home Depot. Hilarious.

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In this update,I’m probably going to obsess over the Trailer Park Boys because they recently announced that their seasons 8 and 9 are going to be premiering on Netflix. They’ve also announced a movie or two! In celebration of that news, here’s a random picture of Randy from the Trailer Park Boys with some other idiot:

randy trailer park boys

In other news, The Dudesons on Ridiculousness was pretty cool. You should check that out if you can find it (hint: search for it on youtube). I don’t want to link to it here for fear of copyright infringement, which isn’t cool.

In my last update, I talked about the future. Now, let’s quickly flip back to the past. In this delightful video, Tom Green discusses the concept behind a forgotten technology:

Netflix will be the exclusive provider of two new Trailer Park Seasons. The Canadian comedy series is welcomed back after a lengthy hiatus with open arms. Speaking of the Trailer Park Boys, a super cool comprehensive box set is now available with all of the first seven seasons. You can grab it here: The Trailer Park Boys: The Dressed All Over Collection

Back to the super craziest videos on the Internet, Tom Mabe has released part two of his epic drinking and driving prank. No real introduction is needed, just check it out now:

And, now, back to our fan obsession with the Trailer Park Boys. I shot this footage of the Trailer Park Boys’ resident arseholes Randy and Lahey back when they appeared live in a now-defunct club in my crappy city. You can check that out below:

Here’s another ridiculous video.. Marcy and Maude in the Parking Lot:

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Here is one of the super craziest videos I have seen all week. This crash was filmed in Northern Ontario, Canada (near Kenora, Ontario) during the winter of 2014. The title of the video says it all: The end of my Beloved Duarmax 2500 march 2014. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt in the accident.

This dramatic video between two vehicles has been quite popular on social media across the Internet. The crash was filmed by Ralph Ireland who is from Sioux Lookout. He posted the video to his Facebook which depicts him driving down the highway when he collides with another pickup truck. The driver of the other vehicle appears to be busy on a cell phone.

craziest videos

huvr board fakeLike a scene in Back to the Future, everyone on my Facebook newsfeed has been enamored with sharing links to the HUVr Board. However, all the information I’ve read about the boards seems to indicate that they are not real, they are fake, they are some kind of marketing hype. Don’t believe the hype!

In other news, according to TechCrunch, Facebook is following Amazon’s lead and getting into the drone market! According to the report, Facebook is buying Titan Aerospace which is a manufacturer of robotics. Apparently, Facebook might be using the purchase in order to bring the Internet (and Facebook, of course!) into parts of the developing world. Previously, Amazon had announced they were acquiring Kiva Systems in order to put robots into its distribution centres and use its Prime Air service to deliver its products to remote customers by flying drones! Google acquired Boston Dynamics in order to refine its self-driving cars! I told you, the future has arrived.

So, then, let’s get back to Back to the Future. I noticed this replica Flux Capacitor from the movie series on Amazon. The product comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and everything!  Totally cool! You can check it out here: Back to the Future: Flux Capacitor Replica Unlimited Edition


Getting back to some super crazy videos, the Dudesons were recently on Ridiculousness. Being a Finn, the Dudesons are somewhat my viral video heroes. So I hope you will check out the episode!

Alrighty, then, we’re getting to the end of this super crazy post. I know you want to see that super crazy viral video of the HUVr board that is plastered all over my Facebook wall. Here it is:

Hey there! It’s been a while since I updated this site! I apologize for the delay but things got recently busy in my life as I had a beautiful baby girl late last year! Anyhow, the hard work being done and the best things yet to come, I am currently planning a massive update to Super Crazy World!  For all of our fans and video fiends out there, please come back again in the next couple of days when I will be unveiling a bunch of SUPER CRAZY UPDATES!!